How do I pick a therapist?

It helps to seek personal recommendations, carefully check credentials for specialized post-graduate training, and talk to more than one therapist before you proceed with a visit.

If you feel you don’t mesh well with a therapist at the beginning of treatment, it might be wise to meet with someone else. However, suppose those feelings develop after working well with someone? In that case, discussing those feelings in therapy is crucial as they become an essential source of self-understanding as therapy deepens.

How do I prepare for a visit for my child or teen?

The initial meeting for young children is with the parents and me. I will take a thorough history in that session, review any available school or doctor’s reports, and offer an impression of what I can do to help your family. This arrangement allows parents to get to know me and decide if they think I would be helpful to their child. It’s better not to have younger children stay in the waiting room or listen to adults discussing their needs because it can be uncomfortable for them. 

Treatment for teens and older children begins differently. Teens, and even middle schoolers, have a growing need for privacy and separation from their families. They often have feelings about going to therapy and about which therapist they are comfortable seeing. Therefore, I recommend they come in with their parents for the first visit. 

I know I need help, but I’m afraid to be overwhelmed by painful feelings and memories. How will we manage that?

Please know that we will approach anything you wish to discuss carefully and respectfully. I will not take a directive or intrusive stance by asking you to talk about anything other than what you choose to discuss. 

I understand the difficulty that discussing your experience can create for you. In visits during which you decide to speak about these topics, we will pace the visit so that you can leave composed at the end of our time together.

Are you in-network?

I am a preferred provider for Atlantic Health Systems employees, the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program, and a Medicare provider.

I will help you understand how to submit paperwork to any other insurance company. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly if you have out-of-network coverage. You can verify out-of-network coverage and deductibles by referring to your insurance policy or contacting your insurance carrier.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash or checks at the time of the visit and will provide you with a receipt or a statement for your insurance company.

I also accept online payments. To make a payment through my secure online portal, please click here. Please note that you will be leaving this website to make your payment.