Therapy For Adults, Children, and Teens

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Insurance FAQ’s

If you would like to resolve longstanding feelings of depression and anxiety, feelings of loss, the symptoms of trauma, or a tendency to repeat the same problems in relationships, you may have found that time-limited, symptom-focused therapy hasn’t relieved your suffering. Perhaps it has even discouraged you from thinking you can find a lasting solution to your problems. You may feel hopeless about being able to stop what seems like a repeating series of crises, feeling resigned to suffer or cope with difficulty. You may not know that with the right approach, you can find renewed feelings of vitality and authenticity, a long-term reduction in anxiety and depression, better relationships, and resilient self-esteem. 

If you would like to discuss what concerns you with someone who has the training and experience to evaluate and treat complex conditions related to a history of depression or anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, illness, or relationship problems, we can work in-depth to find a lasting solution.

Additionally, if you’ve had difficulty finding services for toddlers and young children, or if your teen or young adult is struggling with anxiety and depression, or if your family is planning to adopt or struggling with post-adoption adjustment or attachment disorder, I have the specialized training to help.